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Here is our list of all the powerful features included in the software.




Facebook Creator

Create Facebook accounts precisely to your campaigns needs.

Account Verifier

Verify your Facebook accounts are in working order and avoid roadblocks.

Gender Controls

Control campaigns by gender along with Create emails accounts based by gender.

Identity Generator

Generate names, images, details used to start your powerful campaigns.


Synchronize all account details with the software quickly and efficiently.

Hotmail Creator

Built in multi-threaded Hotmail account creator and manager.

AOL Creator

Built in multi-threaded AOL account creator and manager.

GMX Creator

Built in multi-threaded GMX account creator and manager.

Yahoo! Creator

Built in multi-threaded Yahoo! account creator and manager.

Email Verifier

Verify email accounts and ensure there ready for use automatically.

Group Builder

Build and create groups directly in the software.

Group Scraper

Scrape and find those valuable groups to boost your campaigns value

Group Manager

Manage your groups and scrape groups data efficiently in the software.

Fan Page Creator

Create Facebook fan pages quickly and precisely to your campaigns needs.

Fan Page Manager

Manage all areas of each fan page in a quick and organized fashion.

Fan Page Scraper

Find and scrape all fan pages to find the right ones for your next campaign.

Friend Manager

Manage all scraped friends to build niche based campaigns.

Facebook Poker

Poke and re poke friends to increase the integrity of your accounts.

Like Button Clicker

Click the like button on status updates, comments, wall posts, and much more!


Comment on status updates, images, fan pages, groups, and much more.


Message and contact friends directly, efficiently and easily.

Phone Verifier

You supply the phone numbers and codes. The software will do the rest.

Website Liker

Like any like button on the internet from website, blogs, forums, and more!

Image Uploader

Upload images directly to your accounts, fan pages, walls, groups and much more.

Image Manager

Manage uploaded photos directly through the software.

Image Scraper

Find and scrape images on and off Facebook, creates real looking campaigns quickly.

IP Binding

Bind IP\'s to accounts, emails, and avoid accounts being road blocked.

Proxy Support

Complete proxy support of all types of proxies in various forms.

DSL Cable Support

Integrate your dynamic connections with the software to automatically change IP\'s.

Proxy Rental

Software supports Proxy Rental service as an alternative IP solution.

TOR Project

Total support for TOR to be used as an IP solution.

Cookie Manager

Complete cookie cache management to avoid account issues and road blocks.


All features completely multi threaded allowing you to run infinite tasks simultaneously.

Token Builder

Build custom tokenized messages to be used for messaging, status updates, and more.

Captcha Manager

Manage any captcha service so that your campaigns are always running 24/7.

Task Manager

Complete management of all tasks running in the software.


Schedule all tasks in the create powerful campaigns and avoid any blocks.

Software Manager

Manage the internal features of the software to customize your needs.

Backup Database

Makes it simple to backup and restore your data from your computer.

Record & Play

Watch errors live to easily trouble shoot problems with your campaigns.

Top Notch Support

Your robust support team available around the clock to help you.

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* For our team to continue the best support and new features for the software we do require a fee of $99.95 per month. Your initial purchase does cover the first months support and updates fee. If your monthly payment fails or you decide to cancel your support, your license will be disabled instantly. You are welcome to reactivate your account at anytime by paying your monthly support fee.

All features are updated the best to the Friend Bomber teams abilities. In the future there may be feature(s) that we are unable to update or support. For this reason we encourage all users to download the software demo before deciding to purchase. This way you can explore all the features in the software. With the offering of a free demo we do not offer a refund policy of any kind.

We do not allow any 3rd party exchange, or sales of any kind our product from client to client. If you deicde to breach this agreement, we will exercise the right to deactivate your license permanently.

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